Friday, December 17, 2010

WWE Divas Melina Hot Wallpaper

WWE Divas Melina
WWE Divas MelinaWallpaper
WWE Divas Melina Star
WWE Divas Melina Hot Pic
In the beginning of her professional wrestling career in 2002, Melina adopted names like Melanie Little Deer and Kyra. She wrestled in the Empire Wrestling Federation and in CRUSH Wrestling. In late 2002, she entered WWE’s Tough Enough III but could not cross the first episode.
She kept on training for the next couple of years and, finally, in March 2004, Melina was signed up by Ohio Valley Wrestling. She teamed up with Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro. The team became collectively known as MNM. In November 2004, MNM won the Southern Tag Team Championship in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

In April 14, 2005, Melina’s MNM entered WWE’s SmackDown. There they fought against Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool and Torrie Wilson.
In 2008, Melina suffered an ankle injury but was back in the ring by November of 2008. She has teamed with Tyler Reks.
Beyond MNM, Melina has also served as a manager for wrestlers Mark Henry and Mick Foley briefly. Her entrance to the ring includes a red carpet being rolled out and paparazzi taking her picture as she walks down the ramp. Melina’s theme music came be found on the Raw’s Greatest Hits album.

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