Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights

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WWE Bragging Rights
I was really looking forward to this match before the PPV. Really, out of all the five matches, this was the one that I wanted to see the most. And while it doesn't surprise me that it was placed first on the card, I do think it was to the detriment of the match. Without proper build up, and a match to get the audience into it, The Miz and Morrison were forced to simultaneously prep the audience and give a talented wrestling performance. I won't say that they didn't get the audience into it, but the match just seemed to happen and it wasn't until the second or third highspot that the audience (as well as myself and the guys that I watched the PPV with) began to really watch the program. It wasn't that they were boring at the beginning, so much as that the pace of the match ramped up at such a level that I truthfully couldn't tell you what happened for the first five minutes. Still, these are two talented young stars, and while this match was really quite good I can't help but think that these are two guys that are in desperate need of having veteran talent put them over.

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